Autoritratto, 2020, 8mm to digital, single channel, colour, 4 min.


A short piece commissioned by Antimatter Media Art, a "portrait of the artist by the artist", first exhibited as part of Automat compilation. It consists of recycled 8mm footage of Canadian landscapes, mixed materials, ink and film cement. 

"In Self-Portrait, Federica Foglia (re)constructs her dislocated immigrant identity through the home movies of others, enacting a search for the self and creating a work of striking filmic autopoiesis."


Jonathan Ali

Upcoming Exhibitions 

Images Festival, Toronto, Canada 2021

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, UK 2021 

Fisura International Festival of Experimental Film & Video, Mexico 2021

Antimatter [Media Art], Deluge Gallery, Vancouver, Canada 2020