Mixed Materials, Work in Progress, 16mm / 35mm to Digital, colour / black & white.

Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 7.55.08 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 7.55.08 PM.png


This ongoing project evolved from the Process Cinema class hosted by experimental filmmaker Phil Hoffman. It involves the use of the phytogram method  "a technique that uses the internal chemistry of plants for the creation of images on photographic emulsion." - Karel Doing

I hand-processed 16mm and 35mm film by exposing it to the sun and letting it interact with a flower soup, composed of eco-friendly organic ingredients. 

I then further processed the film by cutting it into several small pieces and re-assembling it into recycled 35mm slide holders. I also added dried flowers onto the film itself.

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